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April 2013


Penis Enlargement Magazine provides our readers with up-to-date news on all the latest penile enlargement and penis enhancement advances. Our publication features male enhancement related features, reviews, articles, editorials, and entertainment.  Everything you wanted to know about penis pills and supplements, traction and stretching devices, exercises, pumps, creams, patches, liquids, and other assorted penis products and services. 




The Ultimate Male Enhancement System to Help you Gain a Bigger Penis!

The Ultimate Penis Enlargement Solution!!


If you 'Google' the phrase "penis enlargement", over 3,000,000 results come up.  That means there are a WHOLE LOTTA penis enlargement sites out there!!  With so many sites and enhancement products and services out there, it's no wonder that men are confused when choosing an enlargement method for themselves.  This is particularly true when you consider that hundreds of thousands of those sites are either fraudulent or lying... or both.


Penis Enlargement Magazine comes to the rescue!!  We KNOW penis enlargement.  We KNOW all of the enhancement companies and products available on the market.  We KNOW which ones work and which ones are a huge waste of time and money.  And as always, we're here to help our readers make the wisest decision... to help them attain that "bigger penis" they've always wanted.

And after carefully reviewing all of the available enlargement options out there.... pills, pumps, traction devices, exercises, patches, liquids, creams, and oils.... we've finally selected what we consider to be THE ULTIMATE PENIS ENLARGEMENT SOLUTION.  If you're a male who is 100% serious about enhancing your manhood, this is the option for you.





It's called The Deluxe Pro-Extender System.  And when say it's the "ultimate" enlargement solution, we aren't kidding.  This deluxe system contains absolutely everything you need to grow, grow, GROW!!  Imagine getting 4 different incredible components in one massive enlargement kit!  This System combines four of the most popular, most widely-respected, most successful enlargement tools you'll ever find... anywhere!!


Pro-Extender System for Thickness and Length


Quite simply, this is the best penis enlargement package we've ever seen.  When you order the Pro-Extender System, just look at the items you receive:


  1)  The Deluxe Pro-Extender Penis Enlargement Traction Device.  This innovative device was designed and developed in Denmark by a medical doctor and scientist whose sole mission was to create the PERFECT enlargement device.  The Pro-Extender Device is attached to the penis and literally "stretches" the penis over time.  It's completely painless and non-harmful.  Once you attach the device to the penis, your body has no choice but to react naturally to the gentle force being applied.  The tissue cells in the penis gradually expand and multiply, thus adding additional tissue for a larger, thicker, longer penis!


In case you're not aware, traction devices are THE #1 penis enlargement sellers on the market right now.  They are extremely popular with guys.  Why?  Because they work!  Results are almost immediate.  And they're effortless to use.  You can wear them around the house while you're watching television or working at the computer.  You can wear them while you're sleeping.  You can wear them while you're mowing the yard!  (as long as you don't have any curious neighbors who like to spy on you!).  Traction devices are a fantastic means of enlargement.  


The Pro-Exender Device is even recommended by many urologists and plastic surgeons around the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Thailand, Portugal and Switzerland.  If doctors are recommending it, you know it must work.


  2)  A 30-day supply of VigRX Penis Enlargement Pills.  Penis Enlargement Magazine has been recommending these pills for years and years.  They've proven to be one of the most effective herbal supplements on the market, designed specifically to increase size, sexual vigor, stamina, pleasure and performance.  We continue recommending them because our readers LOVE them!  You may have seen these pills featured on television or advertised in such high-profile magazines as Penthouse, Rolling Stone and Maxim.


Vig-RX Male Enhancement Supplements                   Porn Star Ron Jeremy, a Big Advocate of Male Enhancement


Men who order a one or two month supply of VigRX Pills usually end up ordering another 6-8 month supply simply because they're so pleased with the results.  These are also the enlargement pills recommended by porn legend Ron Jeremy, who certainly knows a thing or two about penis size!!  You can view Ron's special message for Penis Enlargement Readers by Clicking Here.  The Vig-RX pills are created and distributed by Albion Medical... one of the most trusted companies in the business.


  3)  Penis Enlargement Exercise CD from "For Men Only".  This is the most complete collection of penis enlargement exercises available!  This CD E-Book was developed in partnership with the great A.J. "Big Al" Alfaro!  As most of you know, "Big Al" is a frequent contributor to our magazine.  He's been one of the nation's leading penis enlargement experts for over a decade, and runs the highly successful For Men Only enhancement exercise site.  He knows which natural enlargement techniques will create a bigger penis.  Ask any of the members of his enlargement sites or forums.... nobody in the "enlargement biz" is more highly respected.


This CD contains complete instructions for beginner and advance enlargement exercises, pictures explaining how to perform the exercises, and a ton of other useful information on improving penis size and overall sexual health.  If you've ever considered trying natural enlargement techniques, now's your opportunity.


  4)  The Semenax Volume Increaser Pills.  As long as you're pumping up your penis to mammoth proportions, you might as well pump up your semen/ejaculate volume!  These bestselling pills actually increase the volume of ejaculate by as much as 500%!  


Semenax - Semen and Ejaculate Volume Enhancer


You've probably seen those advertisements asking "Do you want to cum like a Porn Star?!!".  Well, this is how those male porn stars do it.  The ingredients in these pills work together to deliver a larger load, as well as increase orgasmic pleasure and power and duration of ejaculation contractions.






Three Inch Penis Gains: Are They Possible?   

Three Inch Penis Gains: Fact or Fiction?

Guest Article By  A.J. "Big Al" Alfaro







The above quotes were taken from some recent penis enlargement spams that I've received over the past few weeks. Most of you will agree that the above claims are a bit ridiculous. But a lot of you are probably wondering: "Just how much length can a man really add to his penis?"


The reality is that short of a miracle or using prosthetics (which, in truth, isn't really "enlargement"), you're not going to add 4 inches to your penis in two weeks. Some men take a few months to add two inches to their penis size, while other take years just to put on an inch. As with most things, the rate of penile enhancement gains is dependent upon several factors. We'll go over what's required in a moment.


So, is gaining three or more inches possible? The answer is "yes". Though not easy, the penis can be manipulated into growing. In fact, the penis is one of the most malleable organs in the body. Like a balloon, [in most men] the penis expands to many times its size, changing from a limp, very malleable organ to a structure capable of penetrating any number of fairly resistant structures. Ironically, because of the nature of its function, the penis is a tough organ. That means that although the penis can be made to extend and expand beyond its normal limits, it won't be easy to get it to do so.


There are many examples of bodyparts being stretched to many times their length and/or girth. A quote from a past article talks about an example (see the full feature story in Penis Enlargement Magazine at So You Want Proof?)


"A perfect example of extreme ligament stretch can be seen in the women of the Padaung tribe of Myanmar. These "Giraffe Women" (as they are known) are known for their extremely elongated necks. These women (starting as young as 2 years of age) wrap metal coils around their necks. In time, more coils are added... and by a combination of pushing down the collarbones and stretching the entire structure of the neck, the necks can reach ten inches or more in length! If a complex structure such as the neck can be elongated, surely the same applies to the penis- whose by its very pliable nature is designed to expand to many times its usual size!"


How do you get the penis to grow? For length, you must force the ligaments at the base of the pubis to extend beyond their normal range. This is done through stretching (manually or with hanging/stretching devices). For girth, you must force the tough penile tunica to hyperexpand. This is best done through girth exercises like *the "Squeeze".


Sounds simple enough, but you'll have to keep hammering away at your routines in order to grow. You'll also have to figure out what your recuperative abilities are. That way, you'll avoid possibly doing damage to your penis or injuring an associated body part, and you'll maximize your gains. Penis enlargement exercise routines like those found at my site For Men Only will guide you in the right direction. Not only will you receive a structured penis exercise routine with plenty of guidance, you'll also get your questions answered by a panel of professionals. For maximum results, combine the all-natural penis exercise routines with one of PEMagazine's Recommended Penis Enlargement Pills.


Your gains will keep coming smoothly and you'll progress as swiftly as possible. Of course, given the best techniques, methods and guidance, it's still up to you to actually follow the routines.





Penis enlargement surgery, penis plastic surgery, penile surgery... facts you need to know!      Facts About Penis Enlargement Surgery

Guest Article by Doctor Harold M. Reed, M.D.

Penile enlargement fell into the lexicon of public awareness in 1990 after a news story appeared in the Knight Rider newspaper chain, dateline Miami.  At that time Dr. Ricardo Samitier had begun to inject liposuctioned fat into the penis.  Shortly afterwards the press was advised that I was doing lengthening.  When astonished patients were carrying to my office clippings about Dr. Samitier from newspapers north of the Miami Herald such as the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, I realized it was only be a matter of time that the Herald would be induced to put together a story.

Penile enlargement fell into the lexicon of public awareness in 1990 after a news story appeared in the Knight Rider newspaper chain, dateline Miami.  At that time Dr. Ricardo Samitier had begun to inject liposuctioned fat into the penis.  Shortly afterwards the press was advised that I was doing lengthening.

When astonished patients were carrying to my office clippings about Dr. Samitier from newspapers north of the Miami Herald such as the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, I realized it was only be a matter of time that the Herald would be induced to put together a story.

My suspicions were confirmed after calling their health editor.  "Dr. Reed, we'll hold the presses until I interview you and get your slant. After that I assure you you'll never have to call a publicist again." Her remarkable prophecy by and large came true, lasting for 7 years. During this time awareness swept rapidly like wildfire across lay and professional channels alike.  Mainstream urology was cautious and critical despite the fact that numerous lengthening articles had heretofore appeared in their journals written by distinguished urologists working out of university hospitals.

Based upon the attendance roster at a Palm Springs meeting organized by Mr. Gary Griffin, a pamphleteer of no small dimension, given to essays about male genital size, 40 urologists and plastic surgeons were poised ready to enter the fray.

One California urologist who proclaimed himself the king of penile enlargement whooped up such a large following, that he was unable to render dutiful post operative care.   His name is legion to the forth estate and ultimately his license was suspended and then revoked.  A very handsome living could be made just revising his procedures.  I have seen his "les miserables" as well as his best work which is truly monumental.

Lesson: professional involvement must always remain highly focused and personal. It's about a one-to-one relationship that cannot be delegated easily to a staff member or ghost surgeon.  Humility must pervade our relationship and representation at all times.  There has been a learning curve for every doctor that started out in the early 90's.  We have learned to avoid patients with unreasonable expectations as well as to realize the limits of our own abilities.

Without trying to be iconoclastic, please realize penile lengthening surgery produces only a 3/8" gain in erect length at the time of surgery. Not much more than that really.  The root of the penis is not a garden hose perfectly wound on a reel responding to the slightest tug, spooling out yards and yards conduit.

Penis lengthening comes about in a few ways.  Firstly, the arched position of the erectile bodies under the pubic bone is converted to a straight line by releasing that portion of the suspensory ligament directly over the arch.  The angle of an erection's elevation is not changed appreciably as the mooring of the first part of the penis's course is still angulated.  The penis when erect will be more deflectable.  We tell patients if they could hang a bath towel over their erection without any deflection, after release perhaps they could hang a hand towel with similar persistence.

Secondly, lengthening is gained by use of a penile traction device which must be used a minimum of 8 hours a day.  That's a tall responsibility and certainly patients who are unable to make this commitment have no business undertaking release of the ligament.  The typical gain is 1/8" a month.  Thus after 6 months patients should have an erection which is 1 inch longer (3/8" + 6/8").   When they stop using the device, whatever they gained is theirs to keep permanently. If they continue, length accrues at 1/8".

Some patients may have an overhanging and enveloping prominent supra pubic fat pad which if removed will recess the body surface line.  This entity goes by the name "concealed penis."  It has been said for each 35 pounds of weight a man loses, he'll gain 1" in length.

Penis girth enhancement and penis circumference surgery is brought about by placing an additive under the penile shaft skin which is looser and more mobile than skin elsewhere on our body. As the skin covering the head (glans) is densely adherent to the underlying erectile tissue,  these techniques do not adapt well to the glans. The rim of the glans can be flared out somewhat as the glans is a cap that overlies the distal end of the corporal bodies.

Agents used to enlarge the shaft include liposuctioned fat, AlloDerm (dermal matrix), and dermal-fat grafts. Liposuctioned fat behaves unpredictably and may reabsorb or form lumps called fibro-fatty nodules.  It has a touch up rate of 50%, AlloDerm (a donated tissue product), is costly.  Ninety-five per cent may be gone in 2 years, but is replaced by an ingrowth of cells of the patient's own making.  Dermal-fat grafts are taken either from the lower abdomen or infra gluteal area (under the buttocks).

In my hands, AlloDerm does not produce as generous a girth enhancement as do dermal-fat grafts (3/4" gain in circumference vs. 1 to 1 1/4"), but has the clear advantage of avoiding a harvesting incision.   Despite perfectly approximated skin margins, incisions heal variably. Some wind up as the neatest hairlines you've ever seen, and others may spread to 1/4" and develop a reddish brown cast.   Fortunately the ugliness is usually only skin layer deep and can be trimmed and revised to the satisfaction of most patients.

Postoperative erections are encouraged and patients may have an orgasm whenever they feel up to it, but please no penetrating sex for 6 weeks.

Lengthening is a very well tolerated procedure and discomfort is controlled with a Tylenol or two.  When other procedures are done at the same time, the discomfort level rises and even the best of well intentioned patients will postpone the very necessary immediate use of traction.  When lengthening is performed on a Thursday or Friday, most patients can be back in an office environment on Monday.  For those who request girth enhancement, allow an extra 2 days.

  While we have not seen any complications in the past 3 to 4 years relating to lengthening when performed as an independent procedure, girth enhancement may require a revision.  Occasionally there are wound healing problems, seldom of a serious nature.

As a general word of advice, when selecting a surgeon, the less boasting and the more contact the physician will allow the patient to have with him before surgery, the more secure a prospective patient should feel.  In some offices workers perhaps more properly called salesmen, are rewarded by commission for their efforts and their language can get hyperbolic.

The penis is an appendage, not the center of the universe and does not appreciate too much surgery being done on it at the same time. It is better to stage and than to take what seems to be the easy way out. Hardly a week goes by that I do not receive a rueful letter from a disappointed patient who had a case of "get-there-itis."  One can always negotiate a combined price with the doctor's office manager.

Lastly, as any plastic or cosmetic surgeon will advise, the great bugaboo of a great cosmetic result is smoking.  Aside from being one of the two most common preventable causes of early death in the United States (the other obesity), it is the number one risk factor for erectile impairment.  Seventy-five percent of patients attending Boston University clinic for erectile impairment had a history of smoking.  Fifty percent were past smokers, 25% are active smokers.  Imagine that.

Grafts do very poorly when blood vessels are spastic and clamp down under the nicotine influence.  Nicorette gum is not an option as it works similarly.  My advice is no smoking for at least 2 weeks before and 2 months after surgery.

Patients should get a typed discharge instruction sheet from their doctor and never take it on their own to modify or change an order without first discussing it with the doctor.  Premature removal of a dressing can be a horrendous mistake which may set a patient back for weeks.   One of my patients couldn't wait on each visit to tell me how he was altering my recommendations and all about the latest creams and salves he was applying. Totally wrong.  Call first. You doctor should always be available for a call or have someone in his office that is capable of giving expert advice.

Lastly, after you have more or less (hopefully not less) achieved the result you expected, forget your penis altogether for a while except to use it.  You may have bragging rights, but neither you nor your significant other should think of you as a penis. If the only way you're coming across is on dick size, you're running low on attributes and self-esteem.

An introvert with a big penis will always an introvert be.  Take time to enjoy others and make others happy to be around you.  


2008 Top Picks for enhancement exercises, devices and pills.


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